ET EUROPEENNE : Meubles en pin, chêne et zinc livrés gratuitement. Conseils au (prix d'un appel local).
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Standard collection

We are proposing a collection of over 200 furnitures in pine or solid oak delivered around Europe.

From lounge / living-room, with our bar, counters, bookcase, notions furnitures and others coffee table; through the kitchen where you will find pretty tables and chairs, passing by the bathroom where our furnitures with offered basins are gonna fit perfectly, until the bedroom or the office, because, yes we got everything for your home.

Maybe you are asking yourself how are we actually working ? Well, it is easy, every piece is fabricated in Natural - Raw, then, we are storing it. Next, the finishing is done in our workshops, in France, near Montpellier, depending on your selection. This is why we need a time frame of 7 working days before sending it.

However, no worries, this time frame is gonna be announced on every product sheet and the delivery of your furniture is then done under 5 working days maximum (with appointment by the carrier, then we know if you are available).

After all, we deliver all around Europe.
Meubles sur mesure ?
Nous fabriquons sur mesure.
Devis et plans en 3D offerts !

Zinc sur mesure ?
Nous fabriquons sur mesure.
Devis et plans en 3D offerts !


Faites vous plaisir : la livraison est offerte sans minimum d'achat !